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Doing this will allow your screen to pickup more information within your web browser and other programs that you may be missing out on otherwise.

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Adobe PDFs are used frequently throughout this website to display content that has already been published digitally for the internet or digital use. If you are unable to open a file that has a pdf icon, then download the latest free pdf viewer from Adobe (this free download will allow you to open and view pdf files on your omputer). has elements that make use of Adobe Flash Player. Although your system may have had it installed at one time or another, it is a program that is updated from time to time. Version 6 is required to properly view this page.

Check your flash player to verify that you have installed flash properly (this will also reveal which version you have):

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To download the latest version of Macromedia Flash, go here (you will be taken to Macromedia's site):

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After installing the latest version of Flash, some systems may require rebooting, but some will not. Check back to when you are ready, and click the refresh button in your browser to ensure a fresh look at the page.

It is also a good idea to have the latest version of Java Software, from Sun Microsystems running on your computer. It is another free download, and it is a coding language that has widespread use on the internet. DOWNLOAD Java HERE

Rotating your view in a PDF:

When a pdf opens, the content on the page may be running vertically rather than horizontally. To change the orientation or the view of the pdf document, simply press the following combination of keys:
- To rotate the view clockwise: [shift][ctrl]+
- To rotate the view counter-clockwise: [shift][ctrl]-


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